DILMUN HD Viewer is a software to appreciate the DILMUN world.

This software is a kind of fan art and not intended to modify(falsify) a game software of DILMUN.

Please accept the user policy and use this software.



User Policy

Disclaimer: This software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Developer Policy

I state my policies and guidelines here. These are what I should protect.

Emulator server - yes, It's a my dream. But, as you may know, it need a lot of time if it is possible.

I pay my respects to DILMUN software manufacturer and its affiliated companies which owns Intellectual Property Right. Therefore, even if there are volunteer developers, I have currently no plan of publishing source codes which contains especially programs which can decode a client software. I do my best to protect the rights for companies related to DILMUN, using obfuscator.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Version 1.0.3 is available. Please download from a following site. => DILMUN HD Viewer 1.0.3


You can get the client software ver1.3jp at a game site 4gamer page.

Execution Check Environment




[OnBoard Chips]
[Video Cards]



Release date is 2014/08/18.


Release date is 2014/08/19.


Release date is 2014/08/19.


Release date is 2014/09/07.


Release date is 2015/06/14.


Release date is 2015/07/12.


Release date is 2015/08/02.


Release date is 2015/09/09.

How to use

Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Description
W A S D Enable you to move without collision.
O Open an Option menu. You can get ModelIDs, using ModelLoad mode.
T Open a Tool menu. You can get ItemIDs and spawn monsters.
Tab Show/Hide a chat gui.
Z C Change light intense. Pressing a key Z is decrease, pressing a key C is increase.
F Show/Hide fps.
P Show/Hide your position. This value can use for /warp command.
G Enable/Disable GLSL if it is available.
Rotate a camera.
Scale up/down without limit.
F10 Change state of V-sync.
F11 Change state of Full-screen.


Version Command Description Example
all /warp <%d:MapID> Warp to specified area. Using [P] shortcut, you can get the MapID. "/warp 1004" means warping to Tera Village.
all /show {map|compass|obelisk} Show specified gui.
all /hide {map|compass} Hide specified gui.
all /w Enable/Disable wireframe.
all /setname <%s:YourName> Set your name which is used for chat, etc. "/setname ILoveDILMUN<3"
0.99.3 - 0.99.7 /equip head <%d:ModelID> Equip a head equipment. This command is obsolete. "/equip head 54063"
0.99.3 - 0.99.7 /equip body <%d:ModelID> Equip a body equipment. This command is obsolete. "/equip body 54060"
0.99.5 - 0.99.7 /equip weapon <%d:ModelID> Equip a weapon equipment. This command is obsolete. "/equip weapon 55197"
0.99.5 - 0.99.7 /equip shield <%d:ModelID> Equip a shield equipment. This command is obsolete. "/equip shield 55199"
0.99.7 /sexchange Change your gender. This command renamed to "/changesex".
≥ 1.0.0 /changesex Change your gender.
≥ 1.0.0 /getitem <%s:ItemID> Get an item as you like.

Known issues

Please teach me other issues if you find it. The below items may be repairable.

The below item is difficult problem.

To Do List

There are scheduled new functions. Known issues has always fixed little by little.

The above items will be contained by version 1.0.0 which release date may be summer fall of 2015.

At least, the above items can be realized probably by the end of 2016. In contrast, the below items are my life challenge.


I can't start Dilmun HD Viewer.

What can I do on this Viewer? How do I use this?

You can see Dilmun World. for more detail, please see #How_to_use and #History.

How much time will it take to create Stand Alone Mode?

I estimate that it will be done by the end of 2016. (maybe!)

When will the Multiplay Mode be released?

My target is by 2020. But I don't know. I can't estimate it.

Is this Viewer being created by team?

No. Only me.

Are you(developer) Japanese?

Yes. and I live in Japan.